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Our in-person events are usually held at the Turner Senior Resource Center, 2401 Plymouth Road, Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. The Turner Center is closed until further notice, so we moved many of our events to Zoom.

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We also maintain a community email group called StillSocial. Join this group to read and participate in discussions. Subject matter includes book recommendations; notices of speakers, short courses, seminars, etc.; updates on personal life events; requests for assistance/care.

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At Still Mountain Buddhist Meditation Center, teaching and services are given in the spirit of the practice of generosity. This is an ancient practice in the Buddhist teachings that is referred to as dāna. Still Mountain programs are supported by donations. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Still Mountain is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) tax status. All donations are tax deductible in the United States.Ways to give can include:

  • ​volunteering time, talent, and goodwill.
  • participating in planning and organizing.
  • giving money to help cover rent and other tangible expenses;
  • providing monetary or other support for teachers;
  • making a donation to another organization in appreciation of Still Mountain.
    • Please do not give “in the name of Still Mountain.”
    • But please do let us know if you make a gift in this way so that we can recognize your appreciation.