Still Mountain


  • Looking At Mind: Meditations on That Which Knows
    This is a collection of practices aimed at discovering the nature of mind.  In the Buddhist Theravada tradition, there is considerable emphasis placed on the practice of insight meditation according to the four foundations of mindfulness: are body, feelings, mind, and dhammas.
  • Teaching on Forbearance by Ajahn Jayasāro
  • Looking at Death, Finding the Heart
    Read the article published in the Crazy Wisdom Journal.
  • Why does suffering hurt so deeply?
    Dear friends,Today we will be talking about suffering, and especially why it hurts so profoundly and relentlessly and why it isn’t like getting a cold or having a tooth pulled, where this is pain and mental discomfort that may persist for a while but eventually subsides, with the pain having been limited in a way we understand. The …