Bilha Birman Rivlin

Bilha Birman Rivlin

Bilha is a long-time practitioner and teacher of insight mindful meditation, who has recently earned her PhD from the Theatre department at Wayne State University where she wrote her dissertation on the creative process and the path of transformation.

Bilha has been practicing insight Mindful Meditation and studying
Buddhist teachings since 2003. For over ten years, she has taught, IM
meditation along with Buddhist philosophy and practices, and led
retreats in the Ann Arbor area through Deep Spring Center, Ann Arbor Rec & Ed, Turner Senior Center, and the Still Mountain Buddhist Meditation Center where she is an active member on its Teachers’ Council.

Bilha’s journey with Insight Meditation and Drama looks at the direct interrelation between the creative process, the mindful awareness of one’s choices, and its responsible engagement with social change. The integration of Dharma and Drama is Bilha’s guiding passion and her unique contribution to her teachings. It is her path into the soulful life we aspire to live, with awareness, wisdom and compassion to the self and the other.

In 2003 Bilha moved with her family from Israel to the US and is currently residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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