Bilha Birman Rivlin, PhD

Bilha Birman Rivlin, PhD

Bilha has been practicing Insight Mindful Meditation (IMM) since 2003. For over ten years, she has taught, IMM along with Buddhist philosophy and practices, and led retreats in the Ann Arbor area through Still Mountain Buddhist Meditation Center, where she is an active member on its Teachers Council.

She has been a theatre professional for over 30 years as an actress, director, puppeteer, storyteller, and teacher. She earned her PhD from the Theatre Department at Wayne State University, where she wrote her dissertation on the creative process and the path of transformation. 

Certifies InterPlay Leader
Bilha leads Interplay events and workshops where people use interactive, playful, yet transformable practices. Each InterPlay session incorporates movement, voice, telling and contact that invite participants to share their stories and create a novel community with each other.

Bilha’s journey with Insight Meditation and Drama looks at the direct interrelation between creative process, mindful awareness of one’s choices, and its responsible engagement with social change. The integration of Dharma and Drama is Bilha’s guiding passion and her unique contribution to her teachings. It is her path into the soulful life she aspires to live.

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