Still Mountain Annual Community Meeting

December 13, 2020


  • Vote on keeping the Sunday Sitting Zoom link on the website:  Yes
  • Vote to elect Lisa Zucker to the Board of Directors:  Unanimous Yes
  • Vote to elect Walter Tucker to the Board of Directors:  Unanimous Yes
  • Annual Board Report 2020:  Accomplishments, current status
  • 2020 Annual Teacher Council Report:  Activities during 2021, in process now

Summary of closing words from David Lawson, lead teacher:

  • Has watched Still Mountain grow from a pipe dream.
  • Sees a sense of sincerity in our approach to the practice.
  • Encourages letting go of any sense of entitlement in this culture.
  • Encouraged us to continue to support each other with forgiveness; we will make mistakes.
  • It is important to respect each other related to our tendency to make ourselves and others solid.

The new Board of Directors will convene on January 3 at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting to elect the new officers.

If you wish further information, please contact the Board of Directors at

Tuesday Drop-in Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practices with Instruction

Please join our drop-in mindfulness-based meditation practices that is offered virtually via Zoom each Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:30 AM. These sessions are designed for everyone from beginners to those who would like to deepen their already established practice. 

If you wish to receive class notes and group announcements, please register here
You can join with or without registering by clicking here password 388757. 

The sessions are offered by Turner Resource Senior Center  and is being led by Bilha Birman Rivlin. For any question please contact Bilha

Ken Morley

I have found great benefit from Mindfulness Meditation practices and the teachings of the Buddha. My journey of self discovery began around 2003 when I was inspired by the audio book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, and then taking an Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Insight Meditation class, and teachers Susan Weir and Barbara Brodsky.  With exposure to teachings and through my own practice I knew I had found orientation to meet and make sense of life’s experiences, all of which are captured and known within the mind. 

I have a daily practice and enjoy Dharma readings and talks and have attended over 20 meditation retreats. I have assisted with and taught classes for 3 years. 

Contact Ken