Still Mountain Annual Community Meeting

December 13, 2020


  • Vote on keeping the Sunday Sitting Zoom link on the website:  Yes
  • Vote to elect Lisa Zucker to the Board of Directors:  Unanimous Yes
  • Vote to elect Walter Tucker to the Board of Directors:  Unanimous Yes
  • Annual Board Report 2020:  Accomplishments, current status
  • 2020 Annual Teacher Council Report:  Activities during 2021, in process now

Summary of closing words from David Lawson, lead teacher:

  • Has watched Still Mountain grow from a pipe dream.
  • Sees a sense of sincerity in our approach to the practice.
  • Encourages letting go of any sense of entitlement in this culture.
  • Encouraged us to continue to support each other with forgiveness; we will make mistakes.
  • It is important to respect each other related to our tendency to make ourselves and others solid.

The new Board of Directors will convene on January 3 at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting to elect the new officers.

If you wish further information, please contact the Board of Directors at