Giving Project Workgroup

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for our workgroup to mindfully assess the function of our Giving Project.

We have been talking about our Giving Project for a long time. We have even had several community discussions about charitable giving as an organization. Unfortunately, we have not made much progress.

We realized some time ago that, as an organization, we have more money than we need right now to continue operating. Seeing the great need in the world, particularly this year, we have been moved to find a way to put this money to good use through charitable giving. We are calling this our Giving Project.

The Teacher Council suggested that we form a small group to mindfully develop a process to help us identify organizations and parameters for charitable giving. This process will be thoroughly informed by the Dharma.

Still Mountain Annual Community Meeting

December 13, 2020


  • Vote on keeping the Sunday Sitting Zoom link on the website:  Yes
  • Vote to elect Lisa Zucker to the Board of Directors:  Unanimous Yes
  • Vote to elect Walter Tucker to the Board of Directors:  Unanimous Yes
  • Annual Board Report 2020:  Accomplishments, current status
  • 2020 Annual Teacher Council Report:  Activities during 2021, in process now

Summary of closing words from David Lawson, lead teacher:

  • Has watched Still Mountain grow from a pipe dream.
  • Sees a sense of sincerity in our approach to the practice.
  • Encourages letting go of any sense of entitlement in this culture.
  • Encouraged us to continue to support each other with forgiveness; we will make mistakes.
  • It is important to respect each other related to our tendency to make ourselves and others solid.

The new Board of Directors will convene on January 3 at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting to elect the new officers.

If you wish further information, please contact the Board of Directors at

Tuesday Drop-in Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practices with Instruction

Please join our drop-in mindfulness-based meditation practices that is offered virtually via Zoom each Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:30 AM. These sessions are designed for everyone from beginners to those who would like to deepen their already established practice. 

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​Please join our Zoom discussion group about socially engaged Buddhism, which “is a contemporary form of Buddhism that engages actively yet nonviolently with the social, economic, political…and ecological problems of society” (Sallie B. King, 2009). We will meet on 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings, 7:00 – 8:30pm, September 22 through October 27. We will suggest readings, videos, and other resources to review between sessions, to be discussed together in the weekly meetings. This group is intended for anyone who wishes to learn about socially engaged Buddhism.
The discussion group will be facilitated by Jim Whiteside and Jackie Miller. If you would like to join us, please contact Jim to let us know of your interest and to send us your email address (so we can send you the Zoom invitations, resource links, etc.).