Author: <span>Kenneth</span>

2021 International Western Dharma Teachers Gathering: Notes from Teachers at Still Mountain

Several teachers including Erica, Elizabeth, Karen, Mary, and Bilha share some of their notes from the Dharma Teachers Gathering in October.

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Still Mountain Hosting a Retreat in March: PERCEPTION

March 25-27, 2022, will be a retreat led by Carol Blotter titled PERCEPTION. This retreat will explore perception, perceptual distortions and offer meditations and contemplations to see the illusions, the mirages, the perceptual misinformation.  We will also explore how knowing perception clearly adds deep joy into our lives.

Community Meeting Minutes, August 8, 2021

Board Report-Elizabeth Financially good IT up to date takes to Yiar and Ken G. Teachers Council-exciting possibilities, ongoing development Thanks to Hybrid Report and Giving Project Hybrid report-Lisa Survey Results When would you be willing to attend an in-person sangha meeting at Turner Center? 42 responses:48.8% Now17.1 September2.9 December2.4 Next …