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The Third Noble Truth

The 3rd Noble Truth is the truth of the cessation of suffering.  In the first two talks, we learned about the nature of suffering and the cause of suffering.  Now we’ll explore the cessation of suffering.  From the Buddha:

Here, a bhikkhu understands as it actually is: “This is the cessation of suffering”.

Bare Attention

Bare Attention – a practice to liberate our mind and deepen our connection with others

Dharma talk on “Bare Attention,” given by Bilha Birman Rivlin on January 22, 2023.

Not Self, No Self, Non Self: Interpretations of Anatta

Introduction The title of my talk this morning is “Not-self, No-self, Non-self: Interpretations of Anatta.” I hope this talk can serve both as a brief introduction to the topic of anatta and also as an invitation to join a discussion group on the subject that I plan to offer this …