Author: <span>Jim Whiteside</span>


As described this past Sunday (i.e., 1/21), the Teachers’ Council has been working for the past several months on a plan to reconfigure our Dharma Talks, Discussion Sundays, and Community Meetings. The impetus to make these changes came from various sources, but primarily from requests made by sangha members during …

Not Self, No Self, Non Self: Interpretations of Anatta

Introduction The title of my talk this morning is “Not-self, No-self, Non-self: Interpretations of Anatta.” I hope this talk can serve both as a brief introduction to the topic of anatta and also as an invitation to join a discussion group on the subject that I plan to offer this …

Jim Whiteside

Jim’s current understanding of and approach to practice are eclectic and secular in orientation. While insight meditation and mindfulness practices are his personal favorites, he believes there is no one “right” practice for everyone, or even for any given person at different times and under different circumstances. He is especially interested in learning how to apply the skills and insights gained in practice to our daily lives.