Jim Whiteside

Jim Whiteside

Still Mountain Center Teacher

Jim began meditating in 1997. Searching for assistance in dealing with his grief over the loss of his father, he read about a variety of different meditation approaches. He was drawn strongly to insight meditation and mindfulness practices as soon as he came across them. He practiced on his own initially, until he joined Deep Spring Center, where he studied and practiced for several years.

Jim trained as a teacher of vipassana meditation and mindfulness practices at Deep Spring from 2004 to 2009. He was a member of the Deep Spring Teachers’ Circle and taught classes there and through the Ann Arbor Public Schools’ Rec and Ed program. Presently, he is at Still Mountain and is a member of the Teachers’ Council there.

Jim’s current understanding of and approach to practice are eclectic and secular in orientation. While insight meditation and mindfulness practices are his personal favorites, he believes there is no one “right” practice for everyone, or even for any given person at different times and under different circumstances. He is especially interested in learning how to apply the skills and insights gained in practice to our daily lives.

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