Wise Effort Retreat Saturday, July 17, 2021

This half-day retreat, “Finding Our Own Wise Effort,” was held Saturday, July 17, 9am – 1pm. Thank you to all those who attended.

True happiness arises from wholesome states of mind. To nurture and sustain the mind in wholesome states we can cultivate Wise Effort and the Four Great Efforts: 1) To guard against the unwholesome from arising, 2) to abandon the unwholesome that has arisen, 3) to cultivate the wholesome that has not yet arisen, 4) to maintain the wholesome that has already arisen. This retreat investigates these four great efforts and what motivates us to work with them. We explore the ways in which wise effort is a necessary aspect of our sitting practice, and how wise effort helps us live with more ease and skill in our daily interactions. The format includes short dharma talks and 20-30 minute sittings. We have stretch breaks each hour (and a longer 15 minute one to give us an opportunity to get a snack before the final hour). Beginning instruction is not offered and we welcome all those who have a mindfulness meditation practice.

This retreat is offered in the spirit of dana. We look forward to sharing the Dharma with you. Hugh Danville, Karen Mori, and Ken Morley will be leading the retreat.


​Please join our Zoom discussion group about socially engaged Buddhism, which “is a contemporary form of Buddhism that engages actively yet nonviolently with the social, economic, political…and ecological problems of society” (Sallie B. King, 2009). We will meet on 6 consecutive Tuesday evenings, 7:00 – 8:30pm, September 22 through October 27. We will suggest readings, videos, and other resources to review between sessions, to be discussed together in the weekly meetings. This group is intended for anyone who wishes to learn about socially engaged Buddhism.
The discussion group will be facilitated by Jim Whiteside and Jackie Miller. If you would like to join us, please contact Jim to let us know of your interest and to send us your email address (so we can send you the Zoom invitations, resource links, etc.).

Still Mountain Buddhist Meditation Center Fall Retreat: The Threshold and Transitional States

Friday November 1st 5:00pm thru Sunday November 3rd 1pm 2019
DeSales Retreat Center 1124 Ventura Drive Brooklyn MI 49230
Retreat and Teachings offered on a *Dana Basis

About the Retreat
We move through transitional states every day of our lives, and sometimes intense transitions may last and may be disorienting.  These in-between states, however, are filled to the brim with potential and when recognized for what they are and approached with patience and curiosity can be life changing and a source for deep intuitive learning and creative expression.

When we enter the threshold, standing at the gate’s steps, between “this” and “that” we have entered a bardo state, as described in Buddhism, or a “liminal state” as known in modern psychology.  In this retreat, we will explore the capacity of each of us to rest in such states and thereby gain a surprising kind of freedom and new perspective on our lives. In essence, we learn to accept our experience and trust ourselves.

Teachings will be offered on the potential of transitional states, with much time for personal reflection and some limited discussion, all within a container of silence and meditation. 

*Cost: This retreat is offered freely with an opportunity for Dana to anyone who participates. Most of the financial support for Still Mountain Sponsored & Lead Retreats comes from donations participants offer at the end of the retreat. Their generosity is what allows others to participate in this and & future retreats. A refundable deposit is required to apply for a retreat. The deposit is refunded when one arrives at the retreat or if one cancels three weeks before the start of the retreat.

Beginning Insight Meditation

This class will lead students step by step through beginning insight meditation and related mindfulness practices. We will share ways to work toward becoming more present with our experience, explore how mindfulness may enrich our daily lives, and investigate ways of applying practices to difficulties with stress that we experience. Although historically the techniques come from Buddhist traditions, this course has no religious content and will approach the practices from a down-to-earth, secular perspective. The class is intended mainly for persons with no previous meditation experience, but all are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing.


  • Led by Jim Whiteside
  • Wednesdays, 10/9 – 11/13, 6:30 – 8:30pm
  • Pioneer High School Media Center
  • Through Ann Arbor Public Schools Community Education &  Recreation (Rec & Ed)