The Cycle of Dependent Arising and Ceasing

The Cycle of Dependent Arising and Ceasing

Freeing the Heart from Addictive and Destructive Cycles of Attitude and Behavior

Starting on Tuesday, January 2, we will begin a new class, in which we will be working with the teachings on arising and ceasing in The Cycle of Dependent Origination. One of our main sources for this class will be Ajahn Amaro’s book: Catastrophe/Apostrophe: The Buddha’s Teaching on the Dependent Origination/Cessation.

Following Amaro’s teachings, the intention of this class is to focus upon practical means of understanding and applying the principles of dependent origination, to support the freeing of the heart from addictive and destructive cycles of attitude and behavior.

The emphasis will be on the exit points from this ‘Wheel’, where the mind feels imprisoned in a habitual round of promise, satisfaction, and disappointment. The ‘cessation’ part, states Amaro, is particularly significant as it is directly referring to the ending of dukkha, (dissatisfaction, suffering), which is the main purpose of the teaching in the first place.

  • When: Tuesday, January 2nd, 10:00-11:30 am.
  • Where: Online, Via Zoom.
  • To register, please email Bilha:
  • The book in a PDF form and the Zoom link will be sent to the people who registered.

Because of the interactive nature of the class, we wish to keep it fairly small. Currently, we have about 5 more openings.

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