The Cycle of Dependent Arising and Ceasing

The Cycle of Dependent Arising and Ceasing

A New Class, Six Sessions, In Person – Freeing the Heart from Addictive and Destructive Habitual Attitude and Behavior.

When: Thursdays, Jun 13, 20, 27, July 11, 25 August 1, 2024.
Where: Turner Senior Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Teacher: Bilha Birman-Rivlin, PhD.
Cost: This class is being offered on a Dana basis

The process of the cycle of dependent origina­tion is sometimes said to be the heart or the essence of all Buddhist teaching. This teaching follows a chain of links that form a cycle of suffering created in our mind and body – it teaches the process in which suffering can arise in our lives, and the way in which it can end.
The intention of this class is to focus upon practical means of understanding and applying the principles of dependent origination, to support the freeing of the heart from addictive and destructive cycles of attitude and behavior.

  • Sources this class follows: 
  • Ajahn Amaro’s: Catastrophe/Apostrophe: The Buddha’s Teaching on the Dependent Origination/Cessation (Has a PDF version).
  • Ajahn Sumedho: Things as They Are (Has a PDF version)
  • Some more articles that will be distributed in class

Please register for this event if you expect to attend all or most of the six sessions

Author: Bilha Rivlin, PhD.

Bilha is a long-time practitioner and teacher of insight mindful meditation, who has recently earned her PhD from the Theatre department at Wayne State University where she wrote her dissertation on the creative process and the path of transformation​. Bilha has been practicing insight Mindful Meditation and studying Buddhist teachings since 2003. For over ten years, she has taught, IM meditation along with Buddhist philosophy and practices.

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