Community Meeting Minutes from April 7th

Community Meeting Minutes from April 7th

1. Board report –    Yair, President

  • Board monthly meeting – The board’s monthly meetings are taking place on the first Sunday of the month at Turner, after the weekly sitting and sharing.
  • Transition from Old Board – We made sure that the new board officers and members at large went through a diligent handshaking with the previous board members.
  • The Tech Support Process – Kenneth Gourley now managed the web host and is second tier SM tech support with pay. The ongoing posting on the SM website and the Still Announcements distribution list will be under the responsibility of the board and the TC.
  • Current E-mail Lists – The board, alongside with TC and the tech support reviewed and refreshed the email accounts by eliminating unnecessary accounts.
  • The Board and T.C. meetings – The Board and the T.C. had a very meaningful meeting that tried to identify the direction of Still Mountain.  The meeting took a form of brainstorming and came up with four topics to focus on: Inclusivity, Growth, Community events and Website.  Both bodies decided to keep meeting in order to proceed and implement actions items out of these topics.
  • The Social Committee Report – The board met with the Social Committee and heard ideas for future social activities for the Sangha.

2. Treasurer report –   Dennis

              Previous total of all accounts $24,015     Current $22,586.  

3. I.T. report –    Addressed in President’s report

4. Teacher Council report – Ken M.

  • Carol Blotter will serve as “Elder” to the teacher’s council for an indeterminate period of time. She will not be a voting member of the council but will provide her perspective when asked.
  • Teacher, Jackie Miller, is taking a sabbatical from active teaching responsibilities. 
  • There have two introductory meditation classes offered before Sunday sittings in March. The next scheduled event is on April 28.
  • The teacher’s council is working on creating scholarship guidelines to support retreat attendance.

5. Committee Reports

a. Community Meeting Committee – Judi P

  • Sangha members are encouraged to email with ideas or issues you would like to bring forward to add to the Community Meeting
  • Mariko and Judi P are the members of the Community Meeting Committee

b. Social Committee –   Arlene

  • Members are: Dorothy Ann Coyne, Erica Dutton, Phyllis Ford, Jane Leu, Carol Ludwig, Bryan Wagner, and Arlene Deland.
  • The main goal of the Social Committee is to increase socialization and connections amongst Sangha members through the identification and facilitation of social, spiritual, recreational, musical, educational, etc. activities. 
  • Social Sundays are one way the Social Committee promotes friendships among Sangha members. 
  • The Social Committee is currently focusing on identifying activities that would fit the interests and needs of Sangha members.  Please contact Arlene if interested.

c. Newcomers Issues Committee report – Mariko

  • This committee was formed out of the joint meeting of Teachers and Boards (old and new).  This committee consists of Karen (Mori), Kenneth (Gourley), Dennis and Mariko.  We met 3 times in February and March to explore how we as a sangha can improve welcoming new people and have made a variety of suggestions some of which have already been implemented, such as the Beginning Meditation Introduction Sheet and Intro class on Meditation which is now being offered once a month prior to Sunday meditation by teachers.  We have also identified and improved our website, so that new people can access some helpful information more easily.  At this point, pending the Board’s approval, we are recommending the sangha create a new committee, Welcoming Committee.  We will help on the smooth transition.

6. Other 

  • Judi P reminded sangha members of the use of the library and so far no one has borrowed any books.

Still Mountain Community Meetings are held on the months with a fifth Sunday of the month (except when that day is a major holiday, such as Easter). The purpose is to share news, and to discuss Sangha business. Agenda items are welcome from anyone in the Sangha, including work groups, committees, the Teacher Council, and individuals. Contact the Community Meeting Committee (  with ideas or issues you would like to bring forward. This is your meeting.

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