Community Meeting Minutes, April 10, 2022

Community Meeting Minutes, April 10, 2022

  1. Board report – Elizabeth   

              Still Mountain is stable in operation, guided by Vision Statement and grounded in dharma.

  1. Treasurer report – Lisa 

              Thanks to Judi G and Walter for their help.  A loose-leaf binder with the tasks and activities of the treasurer is being developed for use of future treasurers.  All 4 basic accounts are in good standings. 

              Deposit made for upcoming retreat in Oct. 2023. Continue with payments to Zoom and Turner. 

  1. I.T. report – Kenneth 

              Good team work on website

  1. Teacher Council report – Bilha 

               Retreat with Shaila Catherine {July 14} 2023 at Columbiere Retreat Center.  Details to follow soon. 

               Checking with Turner regarding new requests relating to pandemic: no need to register when come and when door closed can decide whether to wear masks or not. 

  1. Sangha Planning Meeting report & discussion – Jim & all (25 mins)

           Joint Board of Directors and Teachers Council Report attached. 

           Jim read the report and SM’s Vision Statement. 

           Discussion followed. Various opinions given regarding directions to take. 

           The BD and TC will be meeting again end of April to continue to explore direction of SM and will be sharing results from meeting. As mentioned in Jim’s report, input is requested from entire sangha to any of the Board or TC members.

Joint Board of Directors and Teachers Council Report

April 10, 2022

As we contemplate our sangha without our lead teacher, the Board of Directors and the Teachers’ Council have jointly agreed to initiate a process of reviewing our situation and looking ahead to consider what steps we collectively may need to take.

There are at least two broad areas that seem to us to need exploration going forward: 1) what should our organizational and administrative structure and functioning look like? And 2) what do we need to do in regard to matters of Dharma study, teaching, and practice?

In regard to organizational and administrative structure and functioning, for example, should we try to continue with the lead teacher model that we have had, or should we move toward some other form of organizational structure? How about the Board of Directors and the Teachers’ Council as they currently exist: do they need any changes, given our current circumstances? If so, what changes?

In regard to matters of Dharma study, teaching, and practice, what should we consider doing? Especially if we move away from the lead teacher model, for example, then what? Should we consider seeking Dharma input from some outside senior figure? Or maybe from some sort of outside council of Dharma advisors? If so, how would we find them?

We are anticipating that this will be an extended process, which has barely begun with a joint Board and Teachers’ Council meeting last week (Tuesday, 3/29), and which will need extensive input from the whole sangha as it unfolds. The Board and the Teachers’ Council feel that our Still Mountain Vision Statement is a good ground to work from as we explore these complex issues. In general terms, the Board and the Teachers’ Council hope eventually to come up with a set of proposals regarding steps that Still Mountain might consider taking, given our current circumstances, to be discussed, modified, and ultimately implemented by the whole sangha. 

As mentioned, this process is just getting started, and we do not yet have any specific proposals to offer for your feedback. We are, however, very desirous of hearing whatever input you may have for us as we travel this path together. Please email, telephone, or speak with any member of the Board or any of the teachers with any thoughts or suggestions you have about any of this.


From the Still Mountain website:

Still Mountain Buddhist Meditation Center is dedicated to developing greater freedom of the heart and mind through the practice and teachings of the Buddha. The Still Mountain Buddhist Meditation sangha aspires to be egalitarian, transparent, and inclusive. Rooted in the Theravada tradition, Still Mountain actively seeks meaningful dialogue between various Buddhist schools for deeper learning, understanding, and wisdom. Participants are not asked to subscribe to any belief system but are encouraged to look to their own practice for what is useful. Teachings are offered as guidance. Still Mountain aspires to cultivate and express kindness and compassion toward all beings.

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