Community Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2022

Community Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2022

1. President Board Report

Given by Lisa for Elizabeth

Transition of Board

New member Mariko

2. Teacher Council Report


  1. Council and Board to meet and having mission statement as baseline, invite sangha to discuss their needs and wishes.
  2. Coming retreat with Carol March 25-27. Theme-Perception
    Details on website and can contact Carol for more information
  3. Shaila Catherine will be presenting guided meditation and talk via Zoom June 5th
    Simon initiated and coordinated event.

3. Treasurer Report



She thanked Judi G for her help in new role and also Walter for his support

4. IT Report


Going well 

Hybrid gatherings successful

Website-good tool for all

Feel free to contact him with comments, questions, suggestions

5. Open Agenda for any questions or business that may arise i.e. direction, issues of sangha

Jane brought forth the question is the sangha is interested in ideas for Service as a sangha.
She presented two suggestions: HouseN2Home and Immigration Rights

Discussion followed.  Jewish Family Service was mentioned as a resource to work with them to help with 300 Afghanistan immigrants they have coming.

Sunil suggested working with a NGO in Afghanistan to determine if feasible to work directly with them via Zoom. 

Mariko will check with Howard from Tuner Senior Resource Center to see if place to store donations for HouseN2Home. 

No decisions were made at this time.

6. Announcements 

Bilha’s “drop in” meditation class with TSRC continues every Tuesday. Current discussion on the Eightfold Path 

Carol gave more information regarding the retreat she will be having.

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