Community Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2022

Community Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2022

1. Treasurer report – Lisa  

Accounts stable. TSWC room rental was paid for October through May.  It will continue now with a monthly schedule payment.   Rental payment for classes will be determined.  Dana mentioned with possible automatic deduction to become available. 

2. Teacher Council report – Bilha 

Tomorrow is a monthly meeting with the Board and the Teacher Council to discuss various issues such as seeing how to support the sangha with classes, retreats, their role and growth together. Also how to reach out to a larger community for participation in sangha and dharma talks.  

  • Elizabeth and Ken M. are planning Introduction to meditation class in person at Turner. 
  • Ken M. and Bilha are having a six week Introduction to meditation class at WCC.
  • Karen and Bilha are currently presenting a 5 week class on Zoom on Hinderances and are still accepting participants.  
  • Other activities: Rewriting Biography of David; issue of marketing sangha; extending community relationship of other sanghas. 

3. IT Report-Kenneth G. 

Going well. Three comfortable with Zoom meetings and probably more. Website providing updates. 

Marketing successful with Shaila Catherine talk with 45-50 in attendance.  Besides Website also information via Crazy Wisdom.

4.. Spatial Chat – Kenneth G. & Mariko   

Presented a method to improve opportunity for social connecting since Zoom is not a good format for that. Ken did research on other formats and suggested Spatial Chat. The Board tried it and is recommending the entire sangha try it. Ken explained how it will work and will be sending out details for others to try it this week and then start it next Sunday after the regular sitting and sharing for approximately a half an hour.  It will not replace the regular Zoom and in person sitting and sharing but will be used after for socialization. However, after trying it can be determined how and how much to use it.

There will be a link-nothing to download. Up to 25 people free. Offer for non-profits. 

Discussion followed.  

Still Mountain Community Meetings are held on the second Sunday of even numbered months. The purpose is to share news, and to discuss Sangha business. Agenda items are welcome from anyone in the Sangha, including work groups, committees, the Teacher Council, and individuals. Contact the Board with ideas or issues you would like to bring forward. This is your meeting. 

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