Community Meeting Minutes, October 16, 2022

Community Meeting Minutes, October 16, 2022

President’s Comment – “Let loving kindness prevail in every moment.” 

 Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Zucker

Still Mountain finances are stable at this time.

Other items — 

  • Shaila Catherine took over the retreat at Columbiere and returned the deposit to Still Mountain.
  • Mary suggested that we keep giving dana as our savings account is low.
  • Judy said that the numbers not so different for past three years.  
  • Lisa will arrange automatic withdrawal from BOAC for regular bills.
  • Donate button is on our website as well as our post office box address
  • Judy reported that Pay Pal giving is also tax-deductible.

 I Technology Report — Kenneth Gourlay

  • The IT Committee has been Kenneth and Yair.  Stepping forward to help with the technology at Turner are Carol B., Simon, Ken M. and Dennis.
  • Carol made notes for the Sunday morning Turner process.

 Turner and Masks on Sunday Report —   Mariko Foulk

  • Turner policy: masks to be worn entering the building and optional in closed rooms with small groups.
  • After discussion the Board of Still Mountain unanimously voted to continue masking in the small room on Sunday morning because mask-wearing is protection for everyone.

 Board Elections Overview Report — Kenneth Gourlay

  • Election schedule:  
  • November 1 – 30 — open nominations 
  • December 4 – list of names created with paragraph introductions for each nominee.
  • December 11 – Community Meeting, Discussion and Voting
  • Two two-year positions are open on the Board at this time.
  • Lisa – Be sure to talk to the person you are nominating and get permission.
  • Sunil — will receive the nominations, and then report them to the sangha.  
  • Walter – “I’m an at-large member ending my term.  I strongly support being on the board.  This is the best committee I’ve ever associated with.  Very civilized and dedicated people.”

Kaliyana Mitra Groups Discussion – Mary Grannan

  • This is a Teacher Council response to requests from the sangha about ways to connect.
  • Participation in a Kaliyana Mitre group is an important part of our spiritual life.  
  • The term means “spiritual friends.”  
  • These are small groups with varying styles in our sangha who get together – weekly or monthly, in person or via Zoom, to discuss and support spiritual practice. 
  • The story of Ananda speaking with the Buddha about the importance of sangha emphasizes this need for spiritual friendship as the Buddha said such friends are the MOST important support.
  • Persons present today expressing interest in joining such a group: Sunil, Anna, Dennis, Judy, Rick, Ingrid.  
  • Gayle offered to send Mary a three-page description of Kaliyana Mitra groups from Spirit Rock. 
  • Mary will reach out with further information to the sangha through Still Social.   
  • Sign up on the website if you want Still Social notices.

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