Wise Effort Retreat Saturday, July 17, 2021

Wise Effort Retreat Saturday, July 17, 2021

This half-day retreat, “Finding Our Own Wise Effort,” was held Saturday, July 17, 9am – 1pm. Thank you to all those who attended.

True happiness arises from wholesome states of mind. To nurture and sustain the mind in wholesome states we can cultivate Wise Effort and the Four Great Efforts: 1) To guard against the unwholesome from arising, 2) to abandon the unwholesome that has arisen, 3) to cultivate the wholesome that has not yet arisen, 4) to maintain the wholesome that has already arisen. This retreat investigates these four great efforts and what motivates us to work with them. We explore the ways in which wise effort is a necessary aspect of our sitting practice, and how wise effort helps us live with more ease and skill in our daily interactions. The format includes short dharma talks and 20-30 minute sittings. We have stretch breaks each hour (and a longer 15 minute one to give us an opportunity to get a snack before the final hour). Beginning instruction is not offered and we welcome all those who have a mindfulness meditation practice.

This retreat is offered in the spirit of dana. We look forward to sharing the Dharma with you. Hugh Danville, Karen Mori, and Ken Morley will be leading the retreat.

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