Community Meeting Minutes, April 9, 2023

Community Meeting Minutes, April 9, 2023

Board report

Mariko gave report for Elizabeth who was out of town.

  1. She thanked those who responded to survey regarding masking at Turner.

Treasurer report – Sunil

Consideration of possible placing some money into a CD.

Still Mountain is fiscally stable.

I.T. report – Kenneth 

  1. Going well. Hybrid at Turner performs well. 
  2. Working with Jane on moving Still Mountain directory to Website. Will be password protected. Check email for update over next week. 

Teacher Council report – Bilha 

  1. Retreats-Planning for next two years. Outside teachers being invited i.e. Carol B.    
  2. Also considering what is the role of teachers not in Teacher Council regarding giving dharma talks or leading book group.
  3. Some items to be discussed with general Sangha. 
    1. David’s 5 boxes of books donated by his wife Linda. Turner has offered space in meditation room for bookshelf. How manage borrowing books? Offer some for sale? 
    2. Discuss social gathering. Being physically present at Turner is social gathering.
    3. The next social event is related to David’s books at Turner. Aim for the next community meeting in June.

Socializing with Sangha (Item submitted by Teacher Council)

  • Is the sangha interested in socializing together again?
    Consensus was yes.
  • If yes, what would that look like, what kind of activities or gatherings do people long for?
    Suggestions included: have a 20 minute period of socializing with snacks before or after Discussion Meetings and Community Meetings on the second Sunday of the month; Annual Meeting with food (suggestion included an online gathering with Grubhub gift card); potluck picnic in a park or in someone’s backyard.
  • Are there a few people who would volunteer to form a “social committee” to move things forward (schedule some social gatherings)?
    The following person volunteered: Arlene

Bilha, Judi G., Mariko and Arlene volunteered to work on the issues regarding what books of David’s to keep (i.e. mainly Theravada and what others), what to give away (i.e. Jewel Heart) and what to sell.

Also the issues regarding how to manage the books: free or lending library; having notebook for sign out; book plates? 

Regarding obtaining a bookshelf: Jim M may have one he can give. Sunil mentioned purchasing one. 

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