Community Meeting Minutes for February 12, 2023

Community Meeting Minutes for February 12, 2023

Board report – Elizabeth 

  1. A survey is being developed by the Board regarding wearing masks at Turner for Sunday sit.
  2. Board is developing guidelines for listing “activities of interest” on the website. 
  3. Board is considering revision of Bylaws and institute annual review. 

Gave Treasurer’s report for Sunil

  1. Considering new model of local and long distance for treasurer since Sunil lives in Florida. 
  2. Financially stable 

      main checking acct ….      $4144.

     retreat checking acct ….    $3402.

     general savings acct …..     $8038.

     retreat scholarship acct ….$3019.

  1. Looking into ways for direct donations. Currently PayPal is available. 

Gave IT report

IT runs the tech and web support. Committee members: Kenneth G, Yair, Dennis, Carol B., Simon and Ken M. 

Teacher Council report – Bilha 

             Publicity committee – Ken 

             Curriculum committee-Mary, Jim, Bilha

             Retreat committee-Curt, Hugh, Karen

             Spiritual Development -Mary, Karen 

  • Retreats

                          There is a new section on our website called “activities of interest”

                           Currently there are two retreats listed there which are not sponsored by Still Mountain.

                               •Carol Blotter retreat – March – 3 days at Weber Center

                               •Shaila Catherine retreat- August- 10 day and weekend options available at Colombiere

                                          Go to Shaila’s website, IMSB, for information on and scholarships for this retreat.

  • Update on new K M group 

             The group met 3 times. They are 6-7 people. They plan to meet twice a month.

  • David’s books 

            There are about 175 books, which are being donated by Linda Lawson.

             The TC work to catalogue the books and see how to handle this donation.

  • Curriculum committee

                 Working on creating a curriculum for teaching the Dharma.  Will bring what we come up with to the Council todiscuss it and make whatever further revisions are needed. 

Community questions, issues and new business

Question regarding David’s Books. 

Karen, Elizabeth and Jackie are sorting them and coming up with a plan. 

  1. Erica mentioned it is the 3rd anniversary of COVID lock down and thought it might be a good discussion for the sangha regarding what was gained and what was lost.  Suggestion to discuss at next teacher meeting as possible for March 2nd Sunday discussion after meditation. 
  2. Carol B. described her weekend retreat at the Weber Center. Information on Website. Focus on Vipassana meditation, hopefully beneficial for all meditators. Commuter or stay over options.  No Zoom options.
  3. Susan Wier and Julie Woodward are having a retreat May 12-14.  Information is available on the website for Insight Meditation Ann Arbor. 
  4. Dorothy Ann will be teaching Yoga through Turner in May and June. Mariko volunteered to send an attachment of TSRC’s program schedule. 
  5. People can contact Karen if there is an interest in helping plan retreats.
  6. Jane and Jackie support having a Zoom retreat. 

Still Mountain Community Meetings are held on the second Sunday of even numbered months. The purpose is to share news, and to discuss Sangha business. Agenda items are welcome from anyone in the Sangha, including work groups, committees, the Teacher Council, and individuals. Contact the Board with ideas or issues you would like to bring forward. This is your meeting. 


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