Community Meeting Minutes, June 11, 2023

Community Meeting Minutes, June 11, 2023

President’s report – Elizabeth

Encouraged Sangha members to consider a turn on the Board in 6 months to become more involved. 

Thanks and recognition was given to the various committees, especially the new ones: the setting up and taking down of TSRC for gatherings and the Social Committee.

Also included treasurer’s report as Sunil is out of the country. Financial situation solid with no major shifts income or output.  There is a slight cost increase in regards to Turner Senior Resource Center.  

IT report – Kenneth G.

  • Going well with set up team  
  • Sangha members directory now on website.   Jane requested members check their directory data and correct or remove as needed.

Teachers’ Council report – Bilha

  • Jim, Mary, and Bilha will be working on presenting data to teachers regarding what the teachers want to offer.
  • Retreat planning: Karen spoke with Dawn Scott about doing a retreat in 2027.  The teachers will continue to see if another retreat could be planned sooner.  Sometime in the fall Teachers from our TC of will offer a one-day retreat.  We are thinking about a half-day retreat as well.  
  • Courses at WCC: Bilha and Karen will teach an intro meditation course in the fall.
  • David’s library is being organized by a committee. The committee will create a lending library folder, and books will be made available for our sangha and people that come to Turner Center. 

Social Committee report – Arlene

Questionnaire regarding what activities sangha would like and if any limitations to participation, was sent out via email with a few responses to it. Will send out again through Announce.  Once receive feedback will present info.  If would like to be on Committee, contact Arlene at 734-968-3179 or Sangha important as one of the three jewels and importance of strengthening the sangha was stressed.

Dorthyann and Arlene will discuss possible annual memorial for David in August. 

There was no further discussion and meeting concluded at 11:20am. 

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