Mary Grannan

Mary Grannan

Still Mountain Center Teacher

Way back in 1976 I began to meditate. I found it helpful for calming my mind and for dealing with the rigors of raising three sons, caring for my husband, a household, and my job as a Social Worker. But, there was no form to sustain my practice and bit by bit it faded from my life.

Then in about 2000 I was introduced to Buddhism and I was home! It provided the form that was previously missing, along with an interpretation of life which embodied both the human aspect and the mystery. After a few years of practice I entered teacher’s training and have since found sharing the Dharma with others provides my life with a deep joy, ease and a sense of connection with all that is.

To be with others on their journey of spiritual development is, for me, a privilege that opens my heart and deepens my practice.

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