Still Mountain Hosting a Retreat in March: PERCEPTION

Still Mountain Hosting a Retreat in March: PERCEPTION

March 25-27, 2022, will be a retreat led by Carol Blotter titled PERCEPTION. This retreat will explore perception, perceptual distortions and offer meditations and contemplations to see the illusions, the mirages, the perceptual misinformation.  We will also explore how knowing perception clearly adds deep joy into our lives.

  • Friday: 7pm to 9pm
  • Saturday 9am to 5 pm
  • Sunday 9am to noon

Perceptions identify, categorize, objectify experiences.  Color is a perception; it happens in the eye and brain.  Defined shapes of objects are mostly perceived; our minds link dots in miraculous ways.  Visual perceptions abound on the Internet—and in psychology books 🙂 —mirages we believe until we don’t.  Sound, Taste, Time, Speed, Balance, Temperature, Pain—all perceptions.

Perceptions color our experience of living, making it desirable or not, pleasant or not, happy or not.  And perceptions do not often portray an accurate, complete reality.  One misperception, that of a separate self that is in control of the body and mind and that has some limited ability to influence the external world, WOW – that’s a misperception!

If it’s a perception, is it real?  How do we live when everything is a perception? How will understanding perceptions change my experience of life?  And who is changing?

The virtual weekend retreat on Perceptions will provide a yardstick for us to begin to notice perceptions and to know when they are coloring reality.  It’s not about changing our perceptions, but rather noticing them.  In that noticing, gradually we live more and more from Truth, from a deep contented Happiness.

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