Supporting Still Mountain with Generosity

Supporting Still Mountain with Generosity

Dear ones,

Today we ask if you would consider making a gift to Still Mountain. Your generosity to Still Mountain allows you and everyone who practices here to be nourished by the Dharma, and bring more compassion and clarity to the world. As we experience in our practice, the act of giving cultivates a spirit of caring and acknowledges our deep interconnectedness.

During the pandemic, Still Mountain, like many organizations, curtailed many of our activities. Our expenses decreased. The Sangha, with Board and Teacher support, chose to share both personal and organizational resources with those experiencing real need. We encouraged giving to other organizations. As well as many people making private donations, Still Mountain initiated The Giving Project, and distributed accumulated funds to Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village, Alpha House, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center and HouseN2Home. All giving is a meaningful expression of generosity, and an expression of the Dharma. 

Now we find that circumstances are changing again. Still Mountain sangha is meeting in person once again (as well as on Zoom).  We are beginning to offer retreats, and scholarships. We hope that this next year will give Still Mountain the opportunity for many more Dharma events. As our expenses return to pre-pandemic levels, we need to meet our overhead and continue funding our mission of sharing the Dharma. Once again, Still Mountain needs your support. 

We ask now that you consider including Still Mountain once again in your giving.

We are grateful for all who nurture Still Mountain. A gift of any size is deeply appreciated and will help sustain us. Your kindness and generosity has a profound impact. 

May you and your families be at peace during this next year.

With loving kindness, 

The Still Mountain Board

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