Still Mountain

Community Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2022

1. President Board Report Given by Lisa for Elizabeth Transition of Board New member Mariko 2. Teacher Council Report Bilha Council and Board to meet and having mission statement as baseline, invite sangha to discuss their needs and wishes. Coming retreat with Carol March 25-27. Theme-PerceptionDetails on website and can contact Carol for more …

Still Mountain Hosting a Retreat in March: PERCEPTION

March 25-27, 2022, will be a retreat led by Carol Blotter titled PERCEPTION. This retreat will explore perception, perceptual distortions and offer meditations and contemplations to see the illusions, the mirages, the perceptual misinformation.  We will also explore how knowing perception clearly adds deep joy into our lives.

Still Mountain Board of Directors, officers elected

Happy New Year ! At the Board meeting on Sunday January 2, 2022 officers were elected. President – Elizabeth Cheslak Secretary – Kenneth Gourlay Treasurer – Lisa Zucker Others serving on the Board: At Large members – Walter Tucker and Mariko Foulk Teacher Council liaison – Bilha Birman-Rivlin IT liaison …